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New Generation Lulla Doll

A sleep companion that helps babies and toddlers fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer. It imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest with its soft feel of natural cotton and soothing sounds of real life breathing and heartbeat. Lulla’s unique design is based on scientific research that shows how closeness improves sleep., well-being and safety.

Sounds of a real-life recording of breathing & heartbeat play for over 12 hours, with improved sound, longer battery duration and adjustable volume

A beanie bottom so Lulla can sit.

The new fabric is even softer and more durable with embroidered facial features and heart. Still designed to take on the caregivers smells.

Still machine washable — still a sleep miracle.

Sound box takes 2 x AA batteries and we recommend using rechargeables.


lulla doll coral


lulla doll lilac


lulla doll sky

Price: R 999.00

* Lulla Doll Colour:
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