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Build a BABA Box

Build a box allows you to build your own box for yourself or to make the perfect gift. YOU choose which BABA Colletion items you want for each box and how much you are willing to spend is all up to you. The opening fee is R300, which is for the actual box , and you can choose as little as 1 item to add to a box.

The courier will be a set fee of R100 if your box is less that R800.

Please note - ALL items picked to be added to your box will be on a discount price. A minimum of 1 week lead time on our perspex boxes (Totally worth it)


Price: R 350.00

* Build A Box:
* Select the Size:
Add Baby's Name to Box (optional):
* Select a Colour / Print:
Knotted Gown Colour:

Our Knotted Gowns are only available in colour and not prints. If you add a Knotted Gown to your selection and a print. Please type the COLOUR you want for the knotted gown

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