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This company was born out of a pure passion for little ones. Rochelle, a mama at heart since she was a toddler herself could always be found bouncing dolls to sleep. When her close friend got pregnant and she started looking around for unique products locally made, the variety was not big. She is a very specific person and loves things to not only be beautiful but of high quality, that’s why she decided if she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for, she was going to create it. By creating locally we are uplifting and providing work for some incredible woman( yes we are a female only company)- the thing she is most proud of! She knew she wanted something different than what the cookie-cutter chain retail stores offered. She wanted to create a brand that is one of a kind. All the material is still hand picked, sewn with care and attention to detail. The products she creates are made to simplify and ease the stress of a mother’s day so they can give their kids the same attention and care. We wholeheartedly hope you (and your little one) love our products as much as we do! Buy supporting our business, your are supporting woman who are the main incomers and sole providers of their families.We thank you for that! 

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